Joomla is widely recognized as one of the most popular free and open source content management systems (CMS), which connects your website to MySQL, MySQLi or PostgreSQL database. Since 2005, it has been constantly improved with thousands of new version and great improvement in function and features. In comparison with other CMS in the market, Joomla is appraised for its content-friendly and capability to serve dynamic purposes. No matter what kind of website you are planning about, Joomla can deal with it up to your high extent. E-commerce website with high security and complex functions, simple blog with SEO features or branding website. A solid base and framework enables you to build everything from scratch.


There would be some providers in the market offer you free website hosting plan. If you are a suspicious man, you may start reckoning on its quality and wonder whether you should try them. Price is always equivalent to product or service value. So how is about the web hosting service quality if they give it free?

Don’t underestimate the importance of website hosting! It is the first warning that I want to give you. Some people tend to oversee the essentiality of a good and suitable hosting server. They will jump at the effort of building a website with user-friendly UX/ UI and equipped it with powerful features. You may know that a good house requires a solid base. When it comes to a website, it still stays definitely true! Website is somehow similar to your house. If your foundation is not powerfully built enough, it will be less likely for you to expand or scale it up and empower it with more features.


Confidentiality has ever become more important than those days in the era of the Internet explosion. The Internet, social media and many other technology inventions bring us enormous benefits and make our life more convenient. However, the other side of the coin which is related to privacy and security problem also obviously become concerning issues. Information spillovers occurs in many ways. In some cases, negative effects are not so clear or monster enough so you are easy to ignore. However, there exists really devastating impacts on your life when personal information is disclosed.


If you want to find a website hosting plan that can help you totally feel worry-free from downtime, we will advise on dedicated server. If you seek for a hosting plan that is the most powerful server, we will advise on dedicated server. If privacy is your prerequisite criteria when choosing hosting plan, we will advise on dedicated server. But if you are not financially capable, please stop taking dedicated server into consideration.

Shared hosting is one of top 3 most popular website hosting choices together with Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server. In consideration of financial ability and website requirement, users may find the most suitable plan for them among many hosting service providers all around the world. In the order of features and capacity, Shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated server is accordingly chosen basing on some parameters such as RAM, Web space, Bandwidth or the number of admin account and support guarantee.

It always comes at the first thought that quality must be equivalent to price. If they charge you at the low cost, you should not trust their product or service performance. There are a great number of customers being scared of cheap prices. Product value is unconsciously assessed in conjunction with  its cost. Sometimes, it becomes a sign for quality judgement rather its own functional attributes.

Those behavior happens in hosting industry as well. Web host or management service choice is so important that it requires very careful consideration. A wrong decision certainly leads to website security damage, privacy information leakage, downtime then profit impairment. All those serious consequence are the reasons why website administrators or developers must think twice before making subscription decision.

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