Hosting server is a fix amount of monthly cost. If you take a look into detailed operation cost, you may be surprised about the annual web hosting expense. It is especially true with those who run in-house server or use cloud servers. Apart from subscription fee, you also need to pay for management, upgrade or unexpected cost. It would take many steps with diligent consideration to come up with website hosting choice. Subsequently, you can save a sum of money for each single right decision. Vice versa, inappropriate ones can cost you another sum. Good understanding about how to make right web hosting decision and being apprised of useful tricks to save server cost, you can get more with less cost. The blog post will share with you how to have the most suitable web hosting plan with the most affordable price.


In the digital era, online business becomes a dramatically competitive battle. When customers have a comprehensive range of choices, it is more highly likely for company to lost potential customers. Flat world makes information crystal clear, comparison becomes a piece of cake, new providers are just one mouse click away to find. It takes several steps for customers to make a purchasing decision. Only by reducing drop leaking rate of each stage, you can improve conversion rate and consequently revenue.



2018 has come with many brilliant new things for both VPSTrust and our valued customers. With an aim to deliver more premium support for specific or urgent demand, VPSTrust would like to launch New Business: One-stop website management service, where we provide a comprehensive range of website services including website building, extension configuration, hosting setup & monthly management together with other marketing services, such as social media management. They are all upon specific request with the top-notch quality and most affordable price.


Website speed is crucial for business growth. It takes only some first seconds for visitors to decide whether they will stay at your website. If loading speed is too slow, they may leave it right away instead of waiting. That is the reason why website speed is one of the key factor for online business performance.


Basing on the customer's request, VPSTrust would like to give a sharing related to WordPress blog security. In the process of technical support, our website hosting guru team receives many request and querry about WordPress website in general and WordPress blog in particular protection.

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