According to Strange Loop Network, just if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of your visitors will leave. And if your website brings you $100,000/day, it means you will lose $2.5million/year.

Website loading speed is top 3 factors of a successful website. It requires much effort to generate traffic but greater attempt to keep them on site. There is a notorious fact that majority websites has high bounce rate. Of course, the situation can be caused by various factors, such as content, wrong targeted audiences, unmatching call-to-actions, etc. Loading speed' is one of the most popular causes according to statistics.


Beside a strong foundation, which includes website hosting, framework, interface, a powerful Wordpress website also requires some essential plugins to solidify site security and performance. Different website may need different plugins specialized for its operation, however, there are some fundamental plugins serving the basic role for a website. We carry out a research and determine the list of top plugins which are helpful for website optimization.



With the fast pace of technology movement, digital marketing changes so swiftly and dramatically. Users are more technology-savvy and engage more on the Internet environment instead of physically one. It is the reason why digital marketing has become one of the most powerful tool of business to acquire, nurture, convert and also keep in touch with customers. However, owing those tools are not enough, you need to stay updated about digital behavior of customers and the latest trend to ensure the efficiency. The article will keep you in loop of 2018 trends in digital marketing environment.


Bounce rate is the enemy of all websites. You have to make great attempt to drive visitors to site. It would cost you a great sum of money and effort to capture attention of audience in the digital environment, where there are enormous number of websites out there. To have audience fulfil one action, they may need to go through a lot of steps and each step has it own threats. They can leave you at any time.

At the beginning of 2018, we were pleased to introduce our new service related to website & hosting management. Basing on the requests of many customers about private support from our technical expert team, VPSTrust has officially launched web & hosting service for all customers to actively register to any of available provided disciplines. After three months, we have received lots of positive feedback from valued clients in various services, namely virtual private server management, website building, hosting & domain setup, etc.



After a series of blog posts to help you choose the best web hosting provider, which is suitable to your demand and finance capability, we would like to get you through the next step with web host & domain setting up. The article is for beginners who do not have proper knowledge about website administration. You can be a website developer, a marketer or business owner, it is exactly for you with step-by-step guideline to purchase to good domain name and assign it to your web host at ease.


Website performance can be defined differently basing on specific business and purposes. There would be many criteria and performance indicators but the top thing you must keep in mind to stay on track is profound understanding about own website. The insight helps you know what you should focus on among millions of factors. After that, you need to strictly track those elements to constantly optimize. It is what we call “efficiency”.

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