Even though many people think that blog is one of the most simple type of website, a blog website can literally outperform basic websites. In this article, VPSTrust will share with you best-in-class plugins for a powerful blog ever.


Firstly, keep in mind that a powerful website need a solid foundation, or else it may have counter-effects. One of the most common effect is slow website speed. Therefore, if you have an intention to construct a well-built blog, choose a strong website hosting first. There are plenty of website hostings outside, namely Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Server, Cloud Hosting and Shared Host. For a blog website, it is advised to use WordPress Website Hosting, because Wordpress is seen as a blog-friendly CMS. It is easy to use, SEO-support and provide a great numbers of free plugins. Do not equip your site with too many plugins without a strong website hosting.


Building in a appropriate web host, now you can consider the recommended plugins below to serve correspondent functions on your site.

1. Visual Composer

Visual Composure is a drag-n-drop plugin, which allow you to edit content on site at ease and with fast speed. It serves many layouts and types of content, ranging from text to slideshows, shapes, and parallax. Your built site will be responsible on mobile as well.

Download Visual Composure here: https://visualcomposer.io/download/


2. Envira Gallery

Blog doesn’t mean textual content any more. Nowadays, visuals have play an important role in online communication. A gallery will be a great way to captivate audiences and deliver information effectively. Envira Gallery is a tool for building responsive photo & video galleries in Minutes. Social media & photo tag can be integrated right in the gallery.

Download Envira Gallery here: https://enviragallery.com


3. Akismet

Beside content display, you also need to take an eye on spam and security threats. For blog websites, there would be many spammers who can build their backlink right on your site in the comment box. Akismet is the most recommended free plugin to help you combat those spam problems.

Download Akismet here: https://akismet.com


4. 404 Redirected

A good tool for those who want to focus on SEO to drive traffic. 404 Error is a common error, which can harm business image and increase website bounce rate. 404 Redirected plugin helps show 404-error URLs and redirect those pages to actual content on your site. Moreover, Google still passes PageRank to the correct pages.

5. Ultimate Sharing

We live in the era of social media, where people are more willing to share an article to their social profile if find it interesting. It a good source of traffic when your blog website is suggested by their friends. Ultimate sharing is a social plugin to allow readers share your article on social. In comparison with other social plugins, Ultimate Sharing outperforms on the number of available designs for social share icons, float or sticky customization, icon animation, and social counting function.

Download Ultimate Sharing here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-social-media-icons/


6. Easy Google Font

For someone who care about the identity of your blog and want to use font to bring new visual experience to reader, you can look at the collection of Easy Google Font.  600+ google fonts and font variants are available to instantly use without coding. More than that, you can also create custom font controls and rules. There have been more than 300,000 active users just in the period of 5 months.

Download Easy Google Font here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-google-fonts/



You may hear of the terms website hosting and email hosting elsewhere in the Internet and wonder about the difference between those two concepts. Website hosting seems to be more popular because all website needs an online server to be accessible online. However, not all website need email hosting. You can use free email service such as Gmail instead of a private hosting for your email. There are some hosting providers, which can offer you both website and email hosting in the same package for your convenience.


There exists many ways to build a website. Basing on 03 main criteria, a business owner or website developers will choose the most suitable method. The factors are cost, time and website requirement. The comprehensive understanding about your capability together with website building methods will end up with the most sensible choice. 03 popular methods to build a website is Website builder, Template and Build it yourself from scratch.


Here is the most easy-to-follow blog building tutorial for beginners with the updated information in 2018. No matter what types of blog you are going to build, the article will provide you with the most basic and fundamental guidelines to start. The expanded features will also be introduced for those who want to power your blog with more advanced functions.


Better prevent than cure. Instead of fixing something wrong, it is better for you to be aware of them and avoid at the beginning. The idea is true for life and for digital platform as well. Especially with e-commerce website, just a small mistake can cost you much. They are effort to solve, potential customer lost and money of course. With the purpose to have you build a solid website at the beginning, the article will point out common mistakes we always happen to make, ranging from website hosting to more detailed features.

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